Acquisition, Development and Production

Acquisition, Development & Production

Rife Energy Operating, Inc., a privately held company headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, was established by M.O. "Trey" Rife, III in 2002 to identify, develop and operate oil and gas resources. Rife's management team, with over 100 years of "hands-on" oilfield experience in the South Central States, has cultivated relationships with many proven service providers. The TRADITION  of working with these companies of INTEGRITY allows Rife to adhere to its COMMITMENT of growing a profitable and responsible upstream acquisition, development and production company.

Oilfield Services

Oilfield Services

To efficiently develop and operate their upstream assets, Rife partners established Rife Energy Services, LLC. Utilizing a small fleet of service and swab rigs, the seasoned Rife Services team is committed to bringing production online expeditiously and assuring production downtime is limited. With their field office in Shannon, Texas, the team and rigs are available to provide similar outstanding service to North Texas operators.

Our Story

Trey Rife’s family has been involved the oil business for three generations. His grandfather retired from Gulf Oil as a production superintendent and his father was a founding member of the Fort Worth Petroleum Club as well as an independent oil and gas operator for over forty years. Mr. Rife started drilling in the Fort Worth Basin in the 1960’s with his father as Rife Production Company. Since that time, he has drilled and completed close to 400 wells throughout the United States. He has also operated an additional 3,000 wells.

With years of exploration experience in the Fort Worth Basin, Mr. Rife and his management team have transformed Rife Energy Operating into an oilfield exploitation company. Applying advanced technologies, operational efficiencies and digital work processes, Rife Energy Operating is diligent in optimizing reservoir recoveries and value.

Focused on Information Optimization

“Transformation isn’t about improving. It’s about rethinking.”

 - Malcolm Gladwell