Wayne Roe 2-2

Guiding Principles

Build a Foundation – Rife Energy’s foundation is built on integrity and old-fashioned work ethic.

Anticipate the Future – Develop Rife Energy’s oil and gas assets in an adept and innovative manner.

Our Team's Mission

Produce MORE Hydrocarbons FOR LESS

Teresa Wright

Compliance/Contracts Specialist

Teresa joined Rife Energy in August of 2007. Working closely with Operations and Land, Teresa is tasked with ensuring compliance with statewide regulatory rules. Her work additionally includes preparation and maintenance of contractual agreements.

Engaged in a Digital Transformation

To achieve its mission of Producing MORE Hydrocarbons FOR LESS, Rife Energy has adopted a digital organizational model that encourages cross-functional collaboration among its team members and financial partners. Rife’s digitization of activities allows us to reap economies of scale and scope.