Area of Operations

Focused on the legacy oil basins of the South Central States, Rife Energy's current projects are located in two of Texas' most prolific petroleum producing systems.

Muenster Arch Project (Bend Arch - Fort Worth Basin)

Muenster Arch Project                        

Situated between EOG Resources, Inc.  and Lime Rock Resources, Rife operates 73 wells on a 5,000+ acre leasehold position located mostly in southwest Cooke County, Texas.

Multi-Horizon Project (Bend Arch - Fort Worth Basin)

Multi-Horizon Project                       

On Rife’s 11,000 acre leasehold position in Jack & Clay Counties, Texas, Rife has the highest producing individual wells in each county since 2012. Production in Rife’s 25 vertical wells, comes from 5 different horizons.

Corsicana Field (East Texas Basin)

Corsicana Field                                    

Rife has been operating in the Corsicana Field since the early 1990's. Some consider a 1894 Corsicana oilfield discovery well to be the first commercial oil discovery west of the Mississippi.